Empower Your Upcoming Grads with Complimentary Collaboration from Our Industry Experts and Innovators

March 13, 2023

As a team of enthusiastic endodontists, we tend to get a little excited when it comes to opportunities like the one we’re about to introduce. 

Before we do, let’s be clear. 

Your upcoming graduates are already empowered to embrace their successful careers as accomplished endodontists. They have the education they need because you provided them with cutting-edge resources, techniques, and caring guidance. They’ve got this… because you’ve got this.

So, when we talk about this amazing opportunity to empower your future graduates even further, it’s not to fill in a gap but to give them a chance to communicate and collaborate with industry-leading endodontists who have, frankly, been there, done that.


A cutting-edge and community-inspired mission

We consider ourselves stewards of the endodontic field, as well as the communities we serve, which is why we’re committed to supporting and strengthening those interested in joining our ranks, however we can. 

That’s why Dr. Ronald C. Taylor, founder and CEO of Trident Endo, and Dr. Adam Orgel, a Trident team visionary, are collaborating on a free educational opportunity to connect with your future endodontic leaders and let them in on all that we have seen, wished we knew when we started, and now envision for the industry and our patients. 

Dr. Taylor offers more than 25 years of clinical experience and has been appointed by the American Board of Endodontics College of Diplomates to serve as a mentor to board-eligible endodontists. 

We invite you to read Dr. Taylor’s full bio here.

Dr. Orgel’s impressive resume includes more than ten years with us, in addition to intense involvement with dental research, including placing second at the American Association of Endodontics Annual Conference for his presentation correlating oral bacteria and endodontic treatment. 

We invite you to read Dr. Orgel’s full bio here


Connecting with our future colleagues

With the vast experience and expertise shared between them, Drs. Taylor and Orgel are eager to speak with your students about the following objectives:

  • Evaluating DSO options
  • Establishing a blueprint for creating a career path
  • Learning how or why to join a DSO and still own your practice, while benefiting from mentorship and career development


What else

Frankly, that’s up to your future graduates to decide as we will feature a Q&A open panel session and we will also provide lunch. 

If your school would be interested in setting up an in-person (local to the DC area) or zoom webinar, (free) reach out today! 

We welcome the opportunity to establish lasting connections with your students because they will soon be our colleagues and we anticipate learning from them as we hope they will learn from us!