Endodontist Non-Compete Agreements – What are you really signing?

July 14, 2022

Beware this Recruitment Red Flag: Read Your Endodontist Non-Compete Agreement!

Endodontist Non Compete Agreement

As an endodontist, there is no shortage of compelling job opportunities for you to consider. The challenge, of course, comes down to evaluating which job is really right for you.

While we can’t necessarily tell you that (psst… we’re hiring!), we can alert you to a bright red flag that you need to be aware of at the very second a prospective employer starts waving it.

We’re here to advise all endodontists looking for jobs to steer clear of the strong non-compete.

But, wait… isn’t a non-compete indicative that a dental practice is serious about recruiting committed talent and protecting its business, along with all those involved in it?

Well, a little bit, yes. But really, more “no,” and here’s why …

An Intense Non-Compete = Lack of Confidence in Retention

When your employment hinges on signing an endodontist non-compete agreement, you need to take a step back and really evaluate what’s actually on the table.

What we mean to say is that a strong or aggressive non-compete is more reflective of the business’ lack of confidence relative to employee retention than it is to do with you potentially ever breaching confidential company information or poaching clients to start your own firm.

No. In reality, an aggressive non-compete is a foolhardy attempt to “foolproof” the natural movement of talent within the endodontist industry.

Here’s the deal: if a dental office is really that good, they will not legally (as flimsy as it actually is) attempt to bind you into their employment.

Rather, they’ll present you with a truly competitive employment offer and let you be the judge whether or not you take it. The strength of that offer will ensure their confidence that you’re not out to get them… or their business.

Toss the Strong Endodontist Non-Compete Agreements and Opt for Transparency

At Trident ENDO, we really care about our team and our patients.

For that reason, we are committed to supporting your career goals — wherever they might take you. Trident ENDO is all about empowerment. We’re determined to make our mark on the industry as a champion of endodontists, first and foremost.

Don’t get us wrong — competition for talent is healthy. Stringent non-competes are not.

Non-competes are, in fact, industry standard. We have one, too! However, ours is one of the most lenient, only spanning the length of two years and restricted to a five-mile radius; you’ll find most others are written for far longer durations and encompass a much larger geographic radius.

At Trident ENDO, we are as committed to your professional success as you are and our provider retention shows that!  When providers join our team, they become part of the Trident family and have a complete support team to help them reach all levels or professional and personal success they desire.  This is just one of the many reasons why our providers stick with Trident Endo, and why our non-compete agreement is less stringent than most – we’re confident you’ll want to stick around!

Contact Trident ENDO today to learn more about joining our team, or email your resume to HR@tridentendo.com. We’d love to have you!