Finders Keepers! Refer A Friend and Get Paid!

April 6, 2023

We’ve all heard the expression, “Good help is hard to find,” and in our case, there’s a good reason for it.

When it comes to finding amazing endodontists to join our team, we know that the best of the best are too busy keeping all the plates spinning at their own successful practices to have their eyes open to new opportunities.

That’s partly why, at Trident Endo, a DSO run by endodontists, we are on a mission to provide endodontists with opportunities to be part of the leadership and create a practice that represents them.

The trouble is we can’t complete our mission without your help. Of course, we would never ask for something for nothing.

That’s why we’ve created our Referral Program, an incentive we extend to you for helping us find the talent we’re looking for to grow our team. 

If you have a friend or colleague who might be a great fit for the Trident Endo Team, refer them to us and receive $5,000 for everyone who joins our award-winning practice. 

refer a friend

Right now, we have incredible opportunities for endodontists in our practices located in Washington D.C, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania — all of which are top-rated locations boasting modernized amenities and digital capabilities.

Not to mention an impressive and friendly roster of highly accomplished endodontists, like Dr. Alexis Herring, who shares, “As an endodontist working with Trident Endo, I feel empowered by the systems they have set in place to create a well-functioning work environment. I am able to show up refreshed, and focus solely on patient care!”

Check out our available positions and take advantage of our finder’s fee.

Refer an endodontist here and earn $5,000 for anyone who joins our team!

Thank you for supporting our mission and empowering us to continue to elevate the endodontic industry in our beloved communities.


For any questions, we invite you to reach out via email to: or call (301) 857-8700.