Mission of Mercy (PA): Providing Dental Care to Those in Need

June 13, 2023



Volunteering is a powerful way to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. One such remarkable initiative is the Mission of Mercy (MOM) program in Pennsylvania, led by the dedicated Dr. Bruce Terry of Endodontic Specialists. With a passion for providing dental care to those who cannot afford it, Dr. Terry and his team of volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access to essential oral healthcare.


The Mission of Mercy (PA) Program

The MOM in PA is an organization committed to delivering free dental clinics throughout Pennsylvania. Their mission is to provide quality dental care to underserved individuals who may not have access to regular oral healthcare. By partnering with volunteers, the MOM program aims to alleviate the suffering caused by dental issues and improve the overall well-being of the community.

Volunteer Involvement

June 3 – 4th, a staggering 950 volunteers joined forces to treat an astounding 1500 patients!

Among these dedicated individuals were renowned dentists Dr. Saurabh Gupta, who volunteered on Friday, and Dr. Quick, who offered her expertise on Saturday. The commitment and passion displayed by these professionals and countless other volunteers are truly commendable.

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Bruce Terry

Dr. Bruce Terry, an esteemed member of the executive board and the Facilities Chairperson of MOM n PA, plays a pivotal role in organizing and executing the program’s dental clinics. He diligently oversees the location selection, layout planning, equipment arrangement, setup, operation, and breakdown of each clinic. Dr. Terry’s unwavering dedication is reflected in his daily average of 30,000 steps, as he ensures that everything runs smoothly for the benefit of the patients.

Why the Colorful Pants?

You might have noticed Dr. Terry wearing vibrant and eye-catching pants during the clinics. Wondering about the story behind this fashion choice? Dr. Terry humorously explains that he wears these colorful pants because he is the go-to person for resolving any unexpected issues that may arise during the clinic. With the pants acting as a distinctive marker, he can be easily identified amidst the bustling activity, ensuring that he can swiftly address any challenges and keep the mission on track.

Family Support

The spirit of volunteerism runs deep in Dr. Terry’s family, as evidenced by their involvement in the MOM program. His wife, a pillar of support, contributed her efforts to volunteer registration, streamlining the process for all participants. Dr. Terry’s son and daughter also joined the cause, with his son assisting in medical triage and his daughter lending her expertise to dental triage.

Together, this remarkable family exemplifies the power of unity and compassion.

Through the volunteers’ selfless dedication, the MOM program provides essential dental care to underserved communities, bringing smiles and relief to countless individuals. It is through the efforts of volunteers like Dr. Terry, colleagues and his family that the MOM program continues to thrive and create a lasting impact on the community.
To learn more about their incredible work, visit their website at www.mom-n-pa.com and consider joining their cause or supporting them in any way possible.

For any questions, we invite you to reach out via email contactus@tridentendo.com or call (301) 857-8700.