The Pros of Partnering with Trident Endo: A Case Study

August 28, 2023

In the spirit of pros and cons lists, we’re presenting this short blog post as a case study illustrating the advantages of partnering with Trident Endo. Spoiler alert: there are no cons. 

In the interest of confidentiality, we’re using real data gleaned from one of our endodontic case studies, without revealing any of the practitioner’s identifying information. For a more candid conversation about this and other case studies, we invite you to schedule a conversation with Dr. Adam Orgel, President of Trident Endo.

For now, read on to discover the benefits of a partnership with Trident Endo and start to imagine what teaming up with our practice can do for yours. 

Pre-partnership: A situation poised for improvement

Imagine an endodontic practice operating with one full-time practitioner with more than 32 years of experience. By said practitioner’s side is one part-time associate and together they operate out of a single location. 

Celebrating what’s working

With all of our partnerships, we make it a point to identify and celebrate what the practice is doing well. In this case, the practice was well established and had built a trusted reputation in the local community. For this reason, the practice was poised for growth and synergy with other dental offices.

Determining areas for improvement

Despite what was working for this practice, the areas for improvement were clear. Longevity and reputation aside, this practice was compromised by the following:

  • Ineffective delegation, resulting in single-handed task handling.
  • Financial constraints that are commonly associated with one full-time provider; treatment options are necessarily limited. 
  • Recruiting. With time and resources already stretched thin, recruiting new doctors for the practice posed a unique and very real challenge.
  • Inconsistent marketing efforts. Remember, relationships are king and content consistency is key.  
  • Lack of innovative practice management software, which again leads to inefficiencies. 

With the potential to improve clearly outlined, we launched our strategy and are delighted to share the results of our efforts. 

Opportunity knocked and we answered

Areas for improvement are best considered opportunities, because that’s what they are. In this case, the practitioner recognized the opportunity to get backed with major support to grow their patient base and increase access to new referral opportunities — recognized the opportunity and seized it

Post-partnership benefits realized

Upon collaborating with Trident Endo, the practitioner leveraged the following benefits:

  • Increased appointments
  • Access to newly negotiated insurance rates
  • The ability to attract new associates
  • Increased practice valuation
  • Supportive software and IT solutions
  • Decreased administrative workload
  • Dependable operations and overall business support

As part of our overall strategy, we like to complete a comprehensive competitor analysis. In this case, we discovered five endodontists currently practicing in the same area, three of which had owners approaching retirement age. We determined that the potential to cater to dentists’ requirements in the community was trending upwards, empowering patients to enjoy a wider range of choices for endodontic care. 

Ultimately, we discovered that this endodontist was well-positioned to support the increasing need for endodontic care in this community and proactively adapt to meet the evolving demands in the field. 

As a result, this endodontist is now empowered to make more money, earn more over time, and increase the value of their practice in 3-5 years. 

On average, this practitioner, like others we’ve teamed up with, regained between 10-20 hours of personal time per week, thanks to our team handling the administrative tasks and daily demands that were once a drain.

Partner for practice success with streamlined management solutions by magnifying your vision with our expertise. Contact us to learn more.