Soaring to New Heights with Our Annual Save-a-Smile Event

May 22, 2023

Time flies and we can’t believe it’s been one whole year since we celebrated the success of our last Save-a-Smile event

Last year, our team was able to donate $41,111 in professional root canal treatment services and we managed to save over 20 natural teeth. We were impressed and grateful for the support of our community, corporate donors, and volunteers.

Little did we know that we would crush the 2022 treatments at our 2023 Save-a-Smile event, which resulted in donating $45,069 in root canals and $7,403 in dental treatments, for a total of $52,472. Our teams generously completed 23 root canals on 21 patients in one day!

To say we’re feeling a little like superheroes is an understatement and right in line with this month’s theme of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) Save-Your-Tooth month.   

As of today, the Trident Endo Save-a-Smile initiative has contributed more than $220,000 in specialized endodontic treatments domestically in support of our mission to ensure that life-altering dental care is accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status. We’re delighted to share that our mission has reached 114 patients in five years.

We’re ever thankful for the support that endodontists have extended to our effort, along with our colleagues in non-profit clinics and community outreach centers. 

We are especially grateful to Dr. Lucciola Lambruschini, director of dental services at the Catholic Charities Center of Washington DC who has worked alongside us in support of the community for  five years.

We extend special and heartfelt thanks to our donors and corporate sponsors, including Bay Endodontics, Brassler, DC Endo Center, Dentsply, and Maryland State Dental Association Foundation, as well as our 44 incredible volunteers of endodontists, dentists, dental assistants, and administrative teams:

Save a Smile 2023 Event Volunteers

Smiling is a Super Power

A big believer in the power of smiles and laughter, American comedian Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” 

We love this clever take on the value of a healthy smile. Access to preventive and restorative dental care is not universal, and many people are denied the treatment that, in Diller’s words, sets everything straight.

There is no substitute for a healthy, bright smile or for the confidence it inspires. Trident Endo remains committed to the mission of the Save-a-Smile Initiative and is grateful to those affiliates, employees, and volunteers that make it possible for us to treat these patients in need.

As our founder, Dr. Ronald C. Taylor attests, “We’re doing more than just saving teeth; we’re changing lives. Our goal is to give back to the communities that support our practices on an annual basis. It’s the very least we can do as a business.” 

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