What is the Save-a-Smile Foundation?

Trident Save-a-Smile Foundation was founded in 2021 and is committed to ensuring that all people have access to tooth-saving care. Our mission is to collaborate with other providers, non-profit clinics, and community centers to minimize the negative impacts of having limited access to care.
Foundation Years
Patients Helped
Value of Donation

Community Impact

As of April 2022, our teams have treated 90 patients since Save-a-Smile’s inception in 2018. The total value of these treatments is valued at $167,691.

The endodontists and dentists treated primarily low-income and undocumented immigrant patients. Without our event, these patients would have likely resorted to compromising “underground dentists” to relieve their tooth pain, or they could have lost their teeth by not treating them at all. Having damaged or missing teeth takes a hit at one’s self-esteem and makes it difficult for someone to live life confidently. Our patients are reaping the benefits of their root canal treatments and fearlessly re-entering the workforce.

“I have had a lot of pain recently, and my dentist confirmed that a root canal is needed to stop the pain and keep my tooth healthy. I just finished treatment and I no longer have pain. I urge you – don’t be scared. Reach out for treatment. The doctors will protect your teeth, which is the most important thing.”

– SAS Patient

Save-a-Smile 2022 Event

On May 3, 2022, we kicked off our fourth annual event and are proud to report that we donated a total of $41,111 in professional root canal treatment services to those in need and also saved 25 natural teeth! The Trident Endo team is delighted to celebrate another successful Save-a-Smile event and eager to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who supported our efforts.

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